Parma 2020: tools

The national Strategic Plan for Tourism (PST) identifies sustainability, innovation and accessibility/permeability of the local area as cross-cutting principles, strongly slanted towards the combination culture- tourism.

The Communication and marketing Plan will be developed in accordance with the PST. By focusing on cross-sector strategies and digital tools, it will broaden its action to a wide-ranging area with:

  • a renewed model of integrated enhancement  of  cultural, tourism and environmental resources, which strengthens the  specificity of our area;

  • provision of multi-channel services and tools to increase accessibility to tourist-cultural resources. They will be designed for target audiences differentiated by age, mobility needs, culture and religion, with bottom-up implementation, and with monitoring and evaluation system that allows continuous improvement;

  • strengthening of sustainability of tourism, in all its various aspects in terms of culture and the environment, and the protection of our  heritage;

  • promoting skills specific to culture and tourism 4.0  to be developed through training, workshops and simulations destined to the local Public Administration in charge of tourism and culture, to the system of private hospitality also through involvement in new routes and itineraries;

  • strengthening the combination culture - business and culture - food for the  Parma brand, also by attending international trade fairs, including Expo 2020 in Dubai

Parma 2020 will be a construction for the creation of expertise in communication, through a Web Radio and a Web Journal in partnership with CAPAS, the Centre for arts and entertainment activities and professions of the University of ParmaParmAteneo and RadiorEvolution will be on the front line with the managers of the two activities and the editorial team, which for the occasion will grow in terms of expertise and members through a call to the international of the University.