Parma 2020

Parma 2020 is a cultural-based territorial development programme, born from the city's application for the title of Italian Capital of Culture for the year 2020.

Ever since the nomination day, Parma 2020 has become a metaphor for what the territory intends to achieve in terms of social regeneration from today to 2030.

The Municipality of Parma holds the strategic direction of the programme.

Its implementation is entrusted to the Department of Culture, which collaborates and interacts with all the other departments, with local institutions and the private system, beyond the borders of the city, up to promoting and gathering the energy of the entire Region.

 In October 2018 the Municipality of Parma, the Association of Entrepreneurs of Parma and “Parma, io ci sto!” Association founded the Parma 2020 Committee, aiming at mobilizing all the local resources, particularly the productive forces and the economic system, supporting and enriching the Parma 2020 Programme and developing a working method that lasts well beyond 2020.

Parma 2020 Committee

The Parma 2020 Committee was established in October 2018, founded by the Municipality of Parma, the Parma, io ci sto!” association and UPI, the Association of Entrepreneurs of Parma.

The goal of the Committee is to support the achievement of the objectives and the implementation of the activities contained in the city’s Application Package by strengthening the public-private partnership and developing a working method that will last well beyond 2020.

The Committee was created to enhance the local cultural heritage, turning the appointment as Italian Capital of Culture into an opportunity for the development of creative industries and for the fine-tuning of Parma’s image at the national and international level.

This Committee is non-profit and aims at mobilizing all the local resources, particularly the productive forces and the economic system, to support and enrich the Parma 2020 Programme, by strengthening cultural fruition as a tool for community growth and social inclusion.

Since its foundation, many local players have joined the promoting founders in supporting the ongoing process of enhancing the time dimension, places, aspirations and ambitions of this land. 

The Committee will last until December 31, 2021.


Why joining and how

Being part of the Committee means supporting the implementation of the Programme developed by Parma and its area, by bolstering the development of the cultural system as a tool for community growth and social inclusion.

Any public or private entity, natural person, company or other body can join the Committee in one of the following ways:

Founding member (annual membership fee € 10,000.00)

Supporting member (annual membership fee € 5,000.00)

Ordinary member (annual membership fee € 1,000.00)

By joining the Committee, the entity or private person acquires rights and duties as indicated in the articles of association.

For any further information, and information on how to join the Committee, please send an email to:

Promoting Founders

Municipality of Parma | Federico Pizzarotti, Mayor | Chairman of the Committee

“Parma, io ci sto!” | Paolo Alinovi, Studio AGFM | Member – Vice Chairman of the Committee

Association of Entrepreneurs of Parma | Corrado Beldì, Member of the Board of Directors | Member

Founding members

Arpinge Spa

Ascom Confcommercio Parma | Vittorio Dall’aglio, Chairman | Member

Chamber of Commerce of Parma | Isabella Benecchi, Director | Member

Fidenza Village | Roberto Confalonieri, Marketing Director | Member

Cariparma Foundation| Luigi Amore, General Manager | Member

Monteparma Foundation| Carla Dini, Secretary General | Member

P.I.U. Hotels s.r.l. | Marco Alessandrini, sole Director |  Member

The University of Parma | Augusto Schianchi, Professor | Member

Supporting members

Baretz Srl

Laterlite spa

Molino Grassi

Monte delle Vigne Srl

Municipality of Sabbioneta


Palladio Team Fornovo


Ordinary members

CNA PARMA - Italian Confederation of Artisans and Small and medium Businesses

Confartigianato Imprese Parma– APLA Trading Association

Confcooperative Parma

Confesercenti Parma Trading Association


FIASA - Business services

GIA - Gruppo Imprese Artigiane Association

La Galleria


Number1 Logistics Group Spa

Rotary - The five clubs from Parma

Studio AGFM - Alinovi, Guiotto, Ferrari & Mattioli


Committee Director

Ezio Zani


Luca Laurini