The Open Calls

The appointment of Parma as Italian Capital of Culture for 2020

On February 16, 2018 in Rome, the jury appointed by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities nominated the city of Parma as Capital of Italian Culture for the year 2020.
The Application Dossier presented by the Municipality, entitled "Culture is the beat of time", is a programme of activities resulting from listening to the territory and consisting of a "pilot project", divided into four actions, and the "contemporary workshops", exhibitions, workshops, festivals and productions involving the city and the surroundings, with a view to the vast area of ​​Emilia Tourist Destination.
The Dossier - which can be viewed here - ​​responds to the goals of the Italian Capital public announcement which aim to stimulate cities with respect to: 

  • improvement of the cultural offer, growth of social inclusion and overcoming of cultural divide;
  • strengthening cohesion and developing public participation;
  • increase in tourist attraction; 
  • use of new technologies;
  • promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship in the cultural and creative sectors; 
  • achieving sustainable results in cultural innovation. 

In the light of the foregoing, the programme for Parma 2020 represents a path of public-private exchange and experimentation aimed at engaging and strengthening a process of improvement, strengthening and stabilisation of the system of the cultural and creative industry, both in its most established and traditional forms, and in the more emerging and experimental ones.

The goals of the Dossier are:

  • consolidating a public-private partnership scheme that produces culture, expands and includes various audiences, raises cultural consumption among the younger generations and firmly establishes the culture of creativity as a driver for growth of the entrepreneurial system; 
  • promoting creativity driven entrepreneurship, to create, on the one hand, realities capable of aligning business aspects with a cultural and / or creative proposal and, on the other hand, to activate a wider and virtuous relationship between cultural action, the market and the third sector;
  • making the tourist-cultural system accessible, through a set of technological services and tools that make resources part of an organised system and stregthen the skills of human capital. 
  • making Parma a venue for exchange and lasting dialogue on the linked topics of Culture and Democracy, on the civic and constitutional values ​​that underpin the development of an open and inclusive community. 


The Open Calls of Parma 2020

With this principle in mind, 4 open calls have been developed within the pilot project of the Dossier, to redefine the concept of Culture as a fundamental element for the development of society and will contribute to making the year as Capital full of excitement and creativity.

  • Culture for all, everyone's culture
  • Creativity Driven Enterprises
  • Temporary Signs
  • Creating Sustainability