The goals of Parma Italian Capital of Culture 2020

The project of Parma as Italian Capital of Culture is a journey through public-private debate and experimentation dedicated to the enhancement, strengthening and consolidation of the cultural industry system, both in its most recognized and traditional forms, and in the emerging and most  experimental ones. The city will tap all its resources to accomplish its goals:


  • Consolidating a public-private partnership scheme that produces culture, expands and includes various audiences, raises cultural consumption among the younger generations, and firmly establishes the culture of creativity as driver for the growth of the entrepreneurial system, according to a vision that is part of the pervading spirit of our land.


  • Promoting creativity driven entrepreneurship to create concrete occasions where business aspects are combined with cultural and creative proposals, (thus turning this process in a competitive advantage) and to activate a wider-ranging and virtuous relationship between cultural activity, the market and the Voluntary Sector, thus raising the quality of time spent at work to the level of well-being. 


  • Making the tourism and culture system accessible through a series of technological services and tools that make resources part of an organised system.  This action - crucial to achieving the objectives of increasing the number of tourists - is also a tool in leading the area of Parma towards the values of hospitality 4all.


  • Making Parma the venue for exchange and lasting dialogue on the linked topics of Culture and Democracy, on the civic and constitutional values that underpin the development of an open and inclusive community, innovative within its social dynamics, a community experiencing the elevation of the local cultural level as a means of rooting democratic principles and values.