7 May 2021

I Like Parma 2021, un patrimonio da vivere!

Sabato 15 e domenica 16 maggio in occasione delle Giornate Fai di primavera speciali aperture, visite guidate e tante iniziative da scoprire.
6 May 2021

Parma 360 Festival della creatività contemporanea

19 April 2021

1st Photographic competition “Sentiero d’arte Torrechiara – Langhirano”

Emotions between Landscape, History, Art and Work.
15 March 2021
Piazza Duomo

Opening of the museums during the Covid19 emergency

The updated list of monuments and museums with the openings.

Next Events

Parma 2020+21 began its journey on 11th January 2020. Today we can no longer be fifteen thousand people walking together towards the great idea of an italian capital of culture, but, by remembering the sound of those fifteen thousand people’s steps, their voices and their singing, we can understand that we don’t have to give up that loudness, but rather make it grow again inside us. We’ll keep going together driven by a desire of human closeness that once again becomes cultural ambition, a desire that needs to be politically redesigned, to be spread responsibly and supported by the development of a new way of conceiving the individual and the community, that we all want to reconnect to as soon as possible.