1st Photographic competition “Sentiero d’arte Torrechiara – Langhirano”

Emotions between Landscape, History, Art and Work
A whole year to experience the emotions of a new beautiful corner of our territory, don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in its beauty!!!
From April 15 2021 to March 30 2022.

Sentiero d’Arte Torrechiara – Langhirano ODV and Fotocircolo Amatoriale Langhiranese – Proloco, with the patronage of the Municipality of Langhirano, organize the 1st Photographic Competition “Sentiero d’arte Torrechiara – Langhirano: emotions between landscape, history, art and work”.

Participation in the photo competition is free and open only to amateur photographers provided they are of age.
The main object of the competition is to render in the image of the emotions aroused by the places of the route Sentiero d’Arte, and by the landscape that winds around it, in all its facets. All the photos must be taken in the territory between Torrechiara and Langhirano (PR), along or around the route Sentiero d’Arte.
The theme of the shots is free. The shots may relate to landscape, history, art, work with the only constraint of the possibility of identifying the area.

The Competition is organized in five sessions:
“Session 1: Spring”, open from April 15 2021 to June 15 2021;
“Session 2: Summer”, open from June 21 2021 to September 20 2021;
“Session 3: Autumn”, open from September 23 2021 to December 17 2021;
“Session 4: Winter”, open from December 22 2021 to March 15 2022;
“Session 5: The four seasons”, open from April 15 2021 to March 30 2022.

Each participant can choose to participate in one or more Sessions at their discretion.

Details information and rules on the page https://sentieroditorrechiara.it/concorso-fotografico/