Al Dsèvvod: the dull

Between traditions and dialect Al Dsèvvod has been the Parma mask since 1621 and the yellow-blue colors of his clothes recall the city's coat of arms, while the hat is in the shape of an anolino. Tradition marks the birth of the Parmesan mask in 1621, a time when the nobles sent their children to study in boarding school, with a servant in tow. As a joke, one of these young men sent his servant to a city parade in his place. The servant took pleasure in it and realized that with that mask he was free to say and do everything. He then decided to give himself a name: his was Salati and, in contrast to this, he was called Insipido, in Parmesan dialect “Discevido” which with the passing of time became first Desevedo and then Dsèvvod. The Cultural Association Famija Pramzana recovered the character to enhance the culture, traditions and dialect of Parmesan, after a period in which traces have been lost and the yellow-blue colors of the costume date back to 1947.