Antonio Barezzi

Wealthy grocer and great music lover, Barezzi soon realized Giuseppe Verdi's talent for music and called him as teacher of his daughter Margherita. The young musician's first public performance in February 1830 took place in the hall of his home, now called Salone Barezzi, then the seat of the Bussetana Philharmonic, which he founded together with Maestro Ferdinando Provesi. Understanding Giuseppe Verdi's exceptional skills as a composer, in 1832 he helped him economically so that he could go to Milan to improve his skills.
In the months preceding the trip to Milan Verdi lived in the Barezzi house and here he fell in love with Margherita, who became his wife in 1836, after his studies in Milan, completed thanks to her father, on a scholarship from the Monte di Pietà di Busseto. , and to Barezzi, to whom Giuseppe Verdi always cherishes infinite gratitude.
Antonio Barezzi died in Busseto in 1867, twenty years after the death of his two grandchildren and daughter Margherita. His remains were placed in the Barezzi family chapel in the Busseto cemetery.