Mariangela Regazzi

21 May 2021
21 maggio 2021

Parma 2021: Motore, Azione!

We celebrate the reopening with two exceptional events: the Camera di San Paolo and the exhibition Umberto Eco, Franco Maria Ricci. LABYRINTHS. History of a sign
26 November 2020

Talking teens. The statues talk

Il cellulare squilla e una voce che ti saluta dicendo: “Salve, sono Antonio Allegri, il Correggio...
17 November 2020


Puppet character created by parmesan puppeter Italo Ferrari and later developed and polished up by his son Giordano....
17 November 2020

St Ilario shoes shaped cookies

Typical dessert of the Parmesan tradition, prepared on the occasion of the feast of the patron saint, on the 13th of January.
17 November 2020

Parma yellow

Traditional colour of houses in town, the Parma yellow was actually obsessively dictated for house fronts by building firms at the end of the 50’s.
17 November 2020

St Ilario: patron saint of the town

16 November 2020

Bernardo Bertolucci

Bernardo Bertolucci was born in Parma in 1941 and died in Rome in 2018
16 November 2020

Parma instagram tour

Un viaggio tra le prelibatezze di Parma...
16 November 2020

The Parmesan cuisine in winter

Our ideas for a typical winter menu of Parma
2 October 2020

Tales of Christmas 2020: play and discover Parma

The album on newsstands to have fun during the holidays