Barilla family

Now the leading name in pasta in Italy and throughout the world, the premier Italian group for baked products and Italy’s largest food-processing industry, Barilla was founded in 1877 in Parma, as a bread and pasta shop, by Pietro Barilla. By 1960 Barilla had already become a joint stock company, with 1300 employees and 200 sales staff.  The current factory, based in Pedrignano, in the province of Parma, still the largest pasta factory in the world, was built in 1970.
Today Barilla is the leading Italian food group, leader nationally for sauces and baked goods, and worldwide for pasta.  Still a great family-run multinational, Barilla has been led by four generations of the same family. Today, Group President Guido Barilla is assisted by vice-presidents Luca and Paolo Barilla.
Squarely-set on the shoulders of four generations of the family, Barilla has a  business approach born of the traditions and principles of its founders.
More than 1,000,000 tons of food products come out of its European, Asian and American factories every year, which are consumed in over one hundred countries: semolina pasta, egg pasta and filled pasta, ready-made sauces, bread substitutes, shortbread and filled biscuits, snacks, cakes and snacks, crunchy breads.