Cesare Zavattini

Typical character of the Bassa, maestro of the so called padano surrealism, he is one of the most significant figures of the century, to whom we owe books such as Let's talk so much about me, The poor are mad, I am the devil, Straparole and unforgettable films as Children look at us, Sciuscià, Bicycle Thieves, Miracle in Milan, Umberto D.
In Parma he collaborated with the Gazzetta newspaper and, in order to support his studies, he became tutor at the Maria Luigia National Boarding School with pupils named Pietrino Bianchi, Giovannino Guareschi and Attilio Bertolucci, his friends for several seasons. Zavattini's activity outside Italy, largely due to the success of Neorealist cinema, is intense. Zavattini visited Cuba in 1953, 1958 and 1959. It was in 1959 that he wrote the subject and collaborated on the screenplay of the film El joven rebelde by Julio Garcìa Espinosa.
In 1955 and 1957 he went to Mexico, where, for producer Manuel Barbacano, he dedicated himself to the creation of the films: The magic ring, The wonderful year and Mexico mine. He also has other artistic-political encounters with Hungary, with the USA, Palestine, the USSR. Zavattini is always actively involved in changing cinema and the world through ideas, projects and initiatives of international resonance.