Creativity Driven Enterprises

Through this call for applications, the City of Parma and the Committee for Parma 2020 aim to activate projects in line with the creativity driven approach.

Creativity driven enterprises are all those realities that, although not part of the system of so-called cultural and creativity enterprises, develop services and create products through cultural and creativity based processes. Subjects that place culture as a real input of the production process and that represent a wide and diversified part of the market, from food to furniture, from design to construction, from fashion to tourism, etc., characterized as pioneers by the fact of conveying creative content and innovation compared to the economic reference system.

The creativity-driven companies, with their work, represent a hinge, a "hybrid zone" in which coexist and mutually strengthen activities ranging from the advanced manufacturing to artistic craftsmanship, and by coming in contact with culture and creativity, develop paths aimed at making innovative and competitive products; appealing image and corporate communication; stimulating the working environment by improving the relationship between well-being and productivity.

The call "Creative Driven Enterprises" was launched by the City of Parma and the Committee for Parma 2020, with the support of "Parma, Io ci sto!" and Association of Entrepreneurs of Parma, the collaboration of CISITA and the scientific coordination of Promo PA Foundation, with the aim of bringing creativity and culture to businesses and promoting an interdependent relationship between the business and cultural sector, collecting project proposals aimed at stimulating creativity and access to culture in the candidate companies.

15 entreprises, all representing local excellence in different fields, have joined the project, running to become production sites of the proposals presented by the creative talents:


The call closed on January 24, 2020, giving away up to 80,000 € for the best projects presented by creative artists that will be presented from September onwards.