Emilia 2020

The appointment of Parma as Italian Capital of Culture 2020 is a great promotional opportunity also with regard to the wide tourist network encompassing Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia, the three cities that make up Emilia Tourist Destination and candidates for the Capital of Culture.

Piacenza 2020

A rich calendar, promoted by the Municipality, Piacenza and Vigevano Foundation, the Piacenza-Bobbio Diocese, the Chamber of Commerce, developed around the concept “Crossroads of Cultures”.

The city of Piacenza is ever more convinced to be not only a “land of passage”, as Leonardo da Vinci wrote, but rather a place capable of welcoming and tickling the visitor’s interest with secrets, stories, food and wine excellence, the river and streets, churches and prestigious palaces, some of which will return to their former glory as a result of the project of urban regeneration and restauration, such as the Former Carmine Church and the Ex Enel Palace.

Already in 2019 two important openings took place: the new Emigration Museum, by the Piacenza-Bobbio Diocese and San Carlo Missionary Centre, and the opening of a new pottery section in the Farnese Palace’s civic museums.

The year 2020 opens with the inauguration of two exhibition spaces: the XNL Contemporary Piacenza, entirely dedicate to contemporary art, Ex Enel Palace, turned into an art hub aimed especially at young people, and the new setup of the Roman Section in the basement of the Farnese Palace’s civic Museum. A year opening in the name of intertwined cultures, where the roman age and contemporary, the Middle ages, the Farnese age and the 19th century coexist in a harmonious way to offer tourists contaminations and cultural dialogues.

In April, the opening of the Monastic Complex of San Sisto, which will tell the story of Raphael’s Sistine Madonna and the complex for which the painting was made.

During the summer, the Equestrian Groups of the Farnese Dukes, a widespread cultural itinerary where the symbolic monuments of the city will dialogue with artworks by contemporary sculptures, and next, two exhibitions, one dedicated to drawings and some creations of Gianfranco Ferrè, and his special link to Piacenza, and one on still life in the Farnese Age with its table and food customs. At the same time, many activities to discover the rich food and wine culture and taste the local excellence.

Reggio Emilia 2020

A widespread and inclusive cultural offer, built between ancient and the contemporary, in the name of the “right to beauty”. From Correggio’s “Portrait of a Young Lady”, in the timeless charm of the Cloisters of San Pietro, to the new wing of the Museums Palace, from the scientific "lens" of Giovanni Battista Venturi on Leonardo to the Panizzi Library, to the Heroes of science, of literature, of contemporary music, of theatre, photography and political thought with their anniversaries, in some cases even centennial. Then the Dance, the Music and the other Muses.

The city’s programme already started in autumn 2019 with prestigious activities ranging from the arts to theatre, such as the theatre Open Festival, dedicated to international contemporary productions; NID – New Italian Dance PlatformReggio Film Festival, dedicated to short films; Chierici 2020, dedicated to the archeologist that first organised the city Museum; Tribute to Armando Gentilucci, composer, promoter of important concerts and musical events and director of the Superior Institute of Musical Studies “Peri – Merulo”.

Dozens of events will enrich the calendar for 2020, that keeps growing: from performances of contemporary dance in the Valli, Ariosto and Cavallerizza theatres, to the Opera, with the immortal compositions by Gaetano Donizetti, Pietro Mascagni, Ruggero Leoncavallo, Giuseppe Verdi e Kurt Weill (December 2019 – May 2020); from the exhibitionGiovanni Battista Venturi and Leonardo (until 19 January 2020 in the Panizzi Library) dedicated to the discovery by the local physician Giovanni Battista Venturi of Leonardo da Vinci’s papers, to Correggio’s “Portrait of a Young Lady”, exceptionally hosted in the monumental complex of the Cloisters of San Pietro until  8th March 2020, thanks to the loan granted by the Hermitage Museum of Saint Petersburg.

And again, What a Wonderful World. The long story of Ornaments between arts and nature, exhibition of works by artists such M.C. Escher, Pablo Picasso, Giacomo Balla, Warhol, Keith Haring and many more (untill 8th March 2020); an exhibition dedicated to the celebration of the fourth centenary of the translation of the Madonna della Ghiara’s image (until 8th March 2020); Reggionarra, a project on the art of storytelling (May 2020); the XV edition of the Festival of European Photography dedicated to Fantasies. Storytelling, rules, inventions (17th April – 24th Mat 2020).

Not to mention Il trentennale/Cesare Zavattini, exhibition celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the death (until 1st march 2020); The Night of Tales, on 21st February 2020, dedicated to Gianni Rodari on the centenary of his birth; Invece il Cento c’è, a series of activities in the city, in Italy and in the whole world, in the occasion of centenary of Loris Malaguzzi’s birth (February – December 2020); Grown-up Figures Festival, IV edition of the puppet theatre show for adults, dedicated to Otello Sarzi (21st – 29thFebruary 2020); MicroDanze, great exhibition on dance focusing on the link between dance and visual arts (November 2020 – March 2021); Night of Light, event dedicated to people with disabilities, to celebrate, through many different activities across the city, everyone’s vulnerability.

Some of the typical food and wine products renowned all over the world will also be the protagonists of a valorization project implemented through itineraries and activities to discover cellars, vinegar factories and dairies. In this regard, the opening of the CIRFOOD District, a humanistic and social innovation centre dedicated to the culture of food and nutrition.