The paintings of Pietro

Sunday 9 August - 10:30
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Pinacoteca Stuard - Parma
Fine arts
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Una produzione di: Comune di Parma e Collezione Barilla d’Arte Moderna
Creato da: Giancarlo Gonizzi

The big collection of Pietro Barilla and the Stuard gallery, on the occasion of Parma 2020, give to the public a new emotion for each of the twelve months of the year, through the exhibition of twelve selected works, which will dialogue with the museum's itinerary. "Pietro Barilla, the famous businessman of Parma, for whom love for culture, and in particular for art, had always accompanied entrepreneurial activity. Since the post-war years, Pietro Barilla's support for Parma's cultural life has been significant, alongside characters such as Attilio Bertolucci, Pietro Bianchi, Erberto Carboni, Carlo Mattioli, Roberto Tassi. As art gallery it uses the office and the lawn surrounding the Pedrignano factory is adorned over the years by sculptures, such as the monument "Campi di grano", by Pietro Cascella, laid in 1982 to commemorate the 100 years of work of the Enterprise. Those who walk in the offices today can enjoy a permanent exhibition of over 300 works, personally selected by Pietro Barilla, that embrace the history of twentieth century art, from Divisionism to Surrealism, integrating painting and sculpture in a intense mix of great intenisty. “I am not a collector - Pietro told in an interview - I have always looked for works of art because I felt attracted, because I understood that they had a message not only for me, but also for others, and I had to share it. " To choose a work was for Pietro a great joy and also an opportunity for new relationships, often destined to develop into lasting friendships. Artists such as Burri, Cascella, Guttuso, Maccari, Manzù, Marini, Mattioli, Morandi, Morlotti, Pomodoro, Vangi, are represented with a large number of works distributed over time and able to summarize their artistic parable. With a happy predisposition for beauty, Pietro Barilla has built up an orderly story of art over the years, also helped by his friend and art critic from Parma Roberto Tassi (1921-1996), curator of the exhibition that wanted to organize at the Magnani Rocca Foundation in April 1993 on the occasion of his eightieth years old. Among the many works in the collection there are paintings by Chagall, De Chirico, Ernst, Picasso, Sutherland and sculptures by Moore, Rodin and other great masters of modern art.In this review, commissioned by the Municipality of Parma and the Barilla Family, twelve of Pietro's most loved works will be exhibited, monthly, at the Stuard Gallery, to tell, through the brush of great Masters, the passion of a lifetime , lived in the name of excellence.

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