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Sunday 9 August - 0:00
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Iat Ufficio informazione e accoglienza turistica di Torrechiara - Province of Parma
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Creato da: Ass. Sentiero d’arte Langhirano Torrechiara Odv
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A walk through nature, art, history and cuisine, along ancient vineyards and the San Michele Canal, from Torrechiara to Langhirano to the rediscovery of the Renaissance Abbey of Santa Maria della Neve, and the works of art by six contemporary artists. The Art Trail, Torrechiara-Langhirano, extends for about six kilometers. It is freely accessible and can be travelled from any point, but also entirely, in both directions.

It is recommended to depart from the Badia with the church of Santa Maria della Neve, on the river Parma, open every day from 9.30 to 12.00 and from 16 to 17. Visitors can discover this magical and evocative place and access the ancient underground cellars.

Moving to the nearby village, you are at the foot of the hill where stands the famous Castle of Torrechiara. From here, along a path that winds along the ancient San Michele Canal, you cross a territory that changes from kilometer to kilometer and that is a perfect synthesis of the history of these places and their identity.

At the second kilometer, the works of art of Danilo Cassano and Mirta Carroli. Continuing, at the third kilometer, crossing and skirting the Canal, the work of Graziano Pompili and Giovanni Sala and further on those of Candida Ferrari, Alberto Vettori and Alberto Timossi.

In the last two kilometers, after meeting the works of Lorella Salvagni, Oscar Accorsi and another work of Danilo Cassano, walking through fields, vineyards and green vegetation, you arrive at the gates of Langhirano, where you can visit local producers and the Ham Museum.

The trail is suitable for travellers of all ages, hikers and families with children. The land is almost completely unpaved, except for short paved stretches, and is accessible on foot or by renting an e-bike in the square Leoni, where you can find, as in the surroundings, bars and restaurants.

Along the path there are signs.

Given the ease of the route, the variety of the landscape and the abundance of places to admire or visit, it is suitable for anyone who wants to take a relaxing walk in the name of nature and art.

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