The Charterhouse of Parma. The city dreamed by Stendhal interpreted by Carlo Mattioli

Saturday 19 September - 10:00
Exibitions - Gratuito
Palazzo Bossi Bocchi - Collezioni d’Arte Fondazione Cariparma - Parma
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Location: Indoor
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Una produzione di: Fondazione Cariparma e Fondazione Carlo Mattioli
Creato da: Francesca Magri, Anna Zaniboni Mattioli
In collaborazione con: Francesca Dosi

The imaginative time of Parma narrated by Stendhal, in the contemporary visions of Carlo Mattioli. An exhibition focused on the figure of Henri Beyle and the Charterhouse of Parma, with the time of the conception and writing side by side with its editorial history, the time of the city and its residents. "This Spring exhibition, created with the Archive Mattioli, will focus on the figure of Henri Beyle better known as Stendhal who dedicated his most renowned novel, The Charterhouse of Parma, to our city.

The time of conception and writing of this novel written in less than two months between November and December 1838, was published immediately in about 4 months, on 6th April the first copy was on sale and our city instantly became universally known. The time of the editorial history, all the editions are on display here, from the first to the most recent ones.

Finally, the time of Parma: a city narrated through its places, the characters of the nvoel and the imaginative setting; interpreter of this time was the painter Carlo Mattioli in the '50s through works of art, drawings, watercolours and ceramics."

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