Verdi sotto casa

Saturday 12 September - 18:00
Musical event - Gratuito
- Parma
Tutte le date:
Saturday 12 September 2020 - 18:00 /20:00
Location: Outdoor
Adatto a Everyone.
Una produzione di: Fondazione Teatro Regio
Creato da: Barbara Minghetti

The 5th edition of Verdi Off, by Barbara Minghetti, whose program from September 12 to October 11, 2020 in this special year particularly enriches the Verdi Festival with unprecedented and unpredictable ideas, themes and spectacular forms, which this year they will be even closer to the community, with one-to-one appointments on the streets, in the courtyards, in the neighborhoods in the center and in the region. Verdi Off will be inaugurated on Saturday September 12 with Verdi sotto Casa: 100 artists (singers, dancers, musicians) will go under the houses, palaces, courtyards, hospitals and prisons to sing and interpret Verdi's most famous arias. , concluding its performance by intoning the Va Pensiero with the public and the one from their balconies.

“Verdi Off has not changed - says Barbara Minghetti -, its spirit has not changed, with its widespread, free and multidisciplinary concerts. Last year with the Verdi Street Parade, 30.000 people gathered in Piazza Duomo to sing Va Pensiero all together. On the contrary, this year we will go to join them to sing under their windows, in the courts. Due to its widespread and capillary nature, Verdi Off will be among the pilot projects of "La Cultura Cura" dedicated by Parma Italian Capital of Culture 2020 + 21 to the collective well-being. Verdi will be brought to homes, and we will sing all together, and each one from his own home, to witness an important presence in the city, and because we are convinced that Verdi’s music can "cure us" after this difficult moment.




The complete schedule of Verdi Off side events will be presented at the beginning of September.
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