Tina Cosmai “Epifanie: l’altra fisica del paesaggio”

Sunday 13 September - 10:00
Exibitions - Gratuito
MUPAC Museo dei paesaggi di terra e di fiume - Province of Parma
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Location: Indoor
Adatto a Everyone.
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The post-human condition places the subject at the center of a reticular reality pervaded by technology that transforms everything into abstract shapes and geometries.

Tina Cosmai is the author of the trilogy "Epiphany: the other physical landscape" of which this exhibition is composed. From a condition of indeterminacy originates the path of Tina and now, through the exhibition and her book of the same name (which will also be presented during the festival), we too can experience the evolution of a multiplicity of feelings - from loss to freedom - and of universal concepts transferred into images. Resist discreetly: this seems to whisper the first "act" of the trilogy, entitled Escape to the sea. As it should be in an evolutionary process, in the second chapter, Manikins, more elements appear: the colors are slightly saturated, the frame is filled, the dynamics change. Alongside the resistant human presence on the beach "invaded" in the distance by overbearing industrial buildings, there are also some geometric shapes, a step closer to the third and final chapter, the most playful, liberating and conclusive: Lùdica".

TINA COSMAI, freelance journalist, has collaborated with national and international newspapers and magazines, dealing with culture and cultural heritage. He published a novel "Passage for Life" Edicom Editions, and two poetry collections: "Rhythms of the Soul" Nonsolowords Editions, "Nova to the West" Blue of Prussia. He designed and curated the literary event Genovainedita Cultura, in Genoa from 2006 to 2013, publishing anthologies of fiction and poetry, organizing cultural events in various sites of the city.
Opening Sunday, September 13 at 11:00 am - Free admission
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