Laura Manione: Enviroment. Space, ecosistem, resources

Saturday 3 October - 14:00
Laboratories - With ticket
Reggia di Colorno - Province of Parma
All dates:
Saturday 3 October 2020 - 14:00 /18:00
Location: Indoor
Suitable for Everyone.
A production of: Gruppo Fotografico Color's Light
Workshop with Laura Manione "Environment. Space, ecosystem, resource"

LAURA MANIONE (1968) after obtaining a degree cum laude from the Faculty of Teaching in Turin with an experimental thesis on the history of photography, has been working for more than twenty years as a historian and critic of photography, as teacher and curator of photographic and visual culture projects. She has been director and is still one of the responsible of the Photographic Archive "Luciano Giachetti - Fotocronisti Baita" of Vercelli, she has curated historical exhibitions on women’s work, on the Resistance, on the Reconstruction, on the fifties and sixties and on various aspects of history and costume. He has written essays for historical magazines and historical photography catalogues. He has curated exhibitions and written critical texts of contemporary photography for public institutions and private galleries in cities such as Turin, Venice, Bologna, Parma. In France he participated in the curatorship of contemporary photography exhibitions and wrote critical presentations for French and Italian authors. As an expert she has held courses and conferences in various public and private institutions and schools, including the Ministry of Education, the Dams of Turin and the National Operational Programme (PON) "The School for Development".

Saturday 3 October from 14,00 to 18,00

Sunday 4 October from 10,00 to 12,30
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