Franco Vimercati "Langhe, altre scritture”

Friday 16 October - 10:00
Exibitions - A pagamento
- Province of Parma
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Friday 16 October 2020 - 10:00 /13:00
Saturday 17 October 2020 - 10:00 /13:00
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Location: Indoor
Adatto a Everyone.
Una produzione di: Gruppo fotografico Colors' Light
Creato da: Csac - Centro studi e archivio per la comunicazione
Born in 1940, Vimercati was an attentive and essential photographer, interpreter of the silence, and seriality of the real. His way of working is characterized by a delicacy of language that speaks of the complexity of existence and the privileged subjects are those who belong to daily life, common objects that lead to a wide reflection on the sense of vision and photographic gesture.

An artist of great importance for the particular journey undertaken in the field of contemporary experimentation, Vimercati over the years has focused in particular on the photography of objects of his daily life, infusing them with a particular soul and magic: thirty-six bottles of water, the wooden lists of the floor, a jar, a jar, a glass... "ten years spent photographing only a bowl...". Concentration and seriality are the peculiar characteristics of his work, which recall the prayers in which the uninterrupted and almost infinite repetition of the same word empties it of its primary meaning turning it into pure sound, creating direct contact between being and the cosmos.

FRANCO VIMERCATI together with Jodice, Ghirri, Gioli, Leonardi, Cresci, and Vaccari was the builder of a new idea of photography. He is among those who have worked to move Italian photography towards a new direction, that of artistic research. It happens at the end of the seventies, and his work is, for uniqueness and planning, perhaps the most extreme.

The exhibition, curated by the CSAC of Parma, is made with photos donated by the author to the University Institution.
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