Sparkles of music. Music at the time of the Borbon court - Parma

Saturday 31 October - 21:00
Musical event - With ticket
Convitto maschile Salesiano San Benedetto - Parma
All dates:
Saturday 31 October 2020 - 21:00 /23:30
Location: Indoor
Suitable for Everyone.
A production of: Festa internazionale della Storia
In partnership with: Convitto Nazionale Maria Luigia, Lions Club International Distretto 108 Tb

Concert by Paola Sanguinetti (soprano) and Davide Burani (Harp) of music composed by musicians active in the second half of the eighteenth century in Parma at the Court of the Bourbons when a Royal Concert was established at the Court, a "French Tragi-Comica-Ballo- Company. Singer ", a" Singing Company for Opera Seria "and a" Dancing Company ".

Admission by offer only by reservation and subject to availability (max. 60) to allow the medical distancing required by law. - Reservations:
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