At Palace with Margherita

Friday 26 March - 16:00
Exibitions - With ticket
- Piacenza and Province
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All dates:
Friday 26 March 2021 - 16:00 /17:00
Location: Indoor
Suitable for Everyone.
A production of: Castelli del Ducato

Discover the history of the palace built by the Duchess Margherita of Austria, wife of Ottavio Farnese, and designed by Jacopo Barozzi, known as Il Vignola.

During the visit, you can see the staterooms, the apartment with stucco, and those of the Duchess, nowadays the civic museums.

Ambassador of the Territory: the character of Margherita of Austria, wife of Ottavio Farnese
Margherita of Austria, the wife of Ottavio Farnese, strongly wanted a ducal residence to be erected in the area where the Visconti citadel was located, a place of representation and a symbol of the power of the Farnese family. Jacopo Barozzi, known as Vignola, was the architect of the project. The two characters will accompany visitors to discover their palace.

Place of performance: Palazzo Farnese - Piacenza

Duration: 1 hour

Minimum number of participants: 10

Maximum number of participants: 35

Reservation required

Indicative cost for the tourist/participant of the all the experience: adults euros 6,00; under 6 free entrance; Reservations is required: Entrance fee
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