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Tuesday 27 October 2020 - 19:00 /20:00
Suitable for Children, Young people, Students, Everyone.
A production of: Associazione Artetipi
In partnership with: ECHO

The project adds to the App Talking Teens the option "Comics" suitable for deaf people, people with intellectual disabilities and children. It starts with a comics workshop that translates into images of the history of the statues with the artistic direction of Mauro Vecchi. In autumn we will launch the updated App with an exhibition of the original plates.

Artetipi addresses the city bringing cultural contents originating in situations of marginality with artistic languages not yet legitimized and realized by people with mental fragility and intellectual disabilities.

In this project, in collaboration with the partners of the ECHO Association that realized Talking Teens- Le Statue Parlano! (then TT), we activated between February, June, and July, a Graphic Novel workshop aimed at translating into images the contents of TT's phone calls (recordings of about three minutes) to be inserted in the already existing App that will be specifically updated for Parma 2020.

The aim is to develop a system of accessibility of cultural heritage through visual arts and the support of new technologies using a language suitable for people with cognitive disorders (UN Convention 2006 for People with Disabilities, the law in Italy since 2009) but also for children and adolescents who through comics will be able to familiarize themselves with historical and artistic content.

On the Menu, there is a "Comics" item that consists of comic stories that summarize the texts of the phone calls written by the students of 15 high schools in Parma. The design and creative phase of production of the illustrations take place in the premises of the Atelier I Cachi, which starts in June 2020 and is addressed to the people of the team with important artistic talents.

It is a three-month workshop, with a bi-weekly frequency, with about 10 meetings for writing texts, planning, and communication with the Artistic Direction of the cartoonist Mauro Vecchi. In autumn the updated App will be inaugurated with an exhibition of the original plates and a round table with experts in the field.

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