From 4 March 2023, the Florilegium installation by Rebecca Louise Law, a British artist known for her larger-than-life floral installations and site-specific sculptures, returns to view at the Oratorio di San Tiburzio.

Florilegium is made up of 200,000 flowers which symbolically represent the community of citizens of Parma. From Ireland comes the technique of natural drying of flowers which, thanks to the precious craftsmanship of a couple of local farmers, has characterized the artist's creative process for several years.
The peculiarity of this practice is to preserve the colors and the scent of each single species of flower.

The path of Rebecca Louise Law's work begins with the planted seed and continues with the processing of the flowers, one by one, with copper wire, respecting the British tradition inherited in the family. Finally, after about six months spent completing all the bunches (or clusters), these were transported to Italy for the preparation in the spaces of the Oratory of San Tiburzio.
The fifty species of flowers on display lead back to the idea by which, according to the artist, conserving, recycling, reusing and donating are a dynamic part of the cycle that nature creates without end. For the visitor, even if only for a few moments, the work opens up a special access, since it makes the encounter between man and nature visible and concrete, now made immobile by the artist, for the first time, in Parma.

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