Hackability4Tourism, inclusion and cultural usability.
The project included in the Parma 2020 + 21 program


Hackability4Tourism is a project organized by the On / Off Association and the FabLab Parma in collaboration with Hackability and Art-ER, with the patronage of the Municipality of Parma and the contribution of the Cariparma Foundation with the aim of improving the usability of museums and places of culture by people with disabilities and special needs on the occasion of Parma Italian Capital of Culture 2020 + 21.

As stated Francesca Velani, Coordinator of Parma 2020 + 21, during the online event The Usability of Culture for Parma 2020 + 21, organized for the relaunch of the H4T project in its completely online version: "Culture is fundamental for growth, community support and resilience. In a phase of disintegration like the one we are experiencing, culture becomes an engine and energy that helps us to hold together communities of all kinds, large and small. The words inclusion and accessibility are more important than ever at this time, to try to create models and tools and methodologies that help culture to reach everyone more and more. Hackability4Tourism marries and amplifies the objectives of the Parma Italian Capital of Culture 2020 + 21 project, especially for the part dedicated to opening up to new audiences and process innovation: to be accessible to all, a message must be conceived and presented in a different".

On January 31, 2021, the first phase was completed which saw a call to action, through the two calls envisaged by the project, of designers, digital artisans and cultural operators (Call4Skills) and people with disabilities and special needs (Call4Needs), who they will work as a team to create concrete solutions that improve the usability of the Opera Museum of the Casa della Musica and the Casa del Suono in Parma.

Of the many applications received, the selected participants will be 31 people, of which 14 NEED (people with disabilities) and 17 SKILL (designers / makers, etc.), constituting at least 5 work teams, divided between Parma and Piacenza. The co-design will obviously take place remotely, using dedicated platforms and specific tools developed ad hoc to encourage active participation by each member of the team in the design and creation phase.

The next phase will start on 06 and 07 March with the Kick Off of the projects carried out by the teams.