I Mesi e le Stagioni, Piazza Duomo with the eyes of Benedetto Antelami

Face to face with the great Master Benedetto Antelami thanks to the descent to the ground of the statues of the Months and Seasons placed today on the porch inside the Baptistery, for a fruition closer than ever.

The main focus of the initiatives of the Diocese for Parma 2020+21 will be the temporary exhibition of the statues of the Mesi and Stagioni of Benedetto Antelami, which, from the interior porch of the Baptistery will be transferred to the niches on the ground floor, offering visitors a very close-up fruition. An initiative highly sensitive to the issues of accessibility that will allow everyone an unprecedented vision and understanding of the works of the master sculptor Parmesan to which much is due to the spread of Gothic culture in Italy and its reworking in a classical key.

The statues of the Mesi and Stagioni, in fact, in addition to the historical-artistic data, contain a high symbolic-religious value, testify to a deep anthropological reflection and express a relationship of full balance between man and the environment, nature and culture.

From this cultural value comes the idea of further enriching the exhibition experience with a season of "Meditations in music" in the Baptistery, and a parallel season of "Conversations with the author" in the churchyard of the Cathedral, whose dates will soon be communicated.