One day in Parma
Itinerary Cultural
Best traveling: By foot
Location: outdoor

An itinerary to discover Parma if you have two or three hours to spend. Visits to Chamber of St. Paul, Basilica of St. Maria della Steccata, Cathedral, Baptistery, Church of San Giovanni Evangelista.

You can start visiting the Chamber of St. Paul located in Via Melloni, the street in front of Piazzale della Pace, next to the Pilotta Palace. The rooms of this ancient monastery were frescoed by Correggio and Araldi. The tour also includes the Cell of St. Catherine in the convent gardens.

If you go on along Via Garibaldi you will see, on the left side, the Basilica of St. Maria Steccata, frescoed by Parmigianino; it is also possible to visit the Noble Sacristy and the Graves of the Dukes of Parma. Turning left and walking along Via Mameli, you will get to Via Cavour, pedestrian street known as the promenade of Parma: we suggest you to stop for a coffee and a mouth-watering pastry at Milo confectioner shop.

Piazza Duomo is the jewel of the town, where you can visit the Cathedral, a fine example of Romanesque architecture, with its void frescoed by Correggio, and the Baptistery, with the sculptures by Benedetto Antelami. Behind the Cathedral is another noteworthy church San Giovanni Evangelista.

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