Resisting in town. Parma and the Resistance
Itinerary Historical
Duration: 5 Hours
Length: 11 km
Best traveling: By foot
Best season: all year long
Location: outdoor

An itinerary along the main points of the Resistance in Parma. The fight for Liberation has many faces and it's characterized by numerous gestures and actions. The mAPP  touches some memorial places and tries to tell these different types of Resistance. By walking along this itinerary it is possible to face the fight for Liberation as the history of men and women, religious people, simple men and soldiers; through weapons and flyers, public demonstrations and sabotages, courage and sacrifices. The itinerary can be downloaded on the app Resistenza mAPPe Parma

The points of the itinerary:

  • Marchi palace Strada della Repubblica Seat of the military provincial control of the republican army
  • Court of Parma TIMO Via Giordano Cavestro Seat of the newspaper "Il Piccone"
  • Studio of the painter Elio Corradini
  • Casa Polizzi
  • Convent of the Chieppine nuns
  • Osteria del Campanaro
  • Plaques of the "Parma Vecchia" brigade
  • The factory of Tommaso Barbieri
  • Italian
  • English
  • French