To discover Sissa Trecasali - Two steps through history, art, nature, food and wine
Itinerary Leisure
Duration: 9 Hours
Best traveling: By bike, By foot
Location: outdoor

The municipality of Sissa Trecasali is the area north-west of Parma, between the banks of the Taro and Po rivers. In the ara there are numerous points of artistic and natural interest such as the Rocca dei Terzi witness of fame, destruction, abandonment, intense life civil, political, and cultural. Its Torrione is the highest in the lower Parma area, from the top, the view is from the Alps to the Apennines with some views of the great river and the neighboring villages, houses a 15th-century clock, a bell cast in 1548 and wall graffiti testifying to the passage of pilgrims on their way to Rome. The church of the Assunzione di Maria Vergine, from the mid-15th century, with various paintings from the 17th-18th centuries. The Furnace Hoffman that fired the bricks of the Venice bell tower transported via Taro and Po. The river landscape with its poplar groves meanders, and floodplains are the corollaries to the naturalistic areas Parco Boschi Maria Luigia and Fontanili di Viarolo.

There is a large touristic offer in the area: history, art, nature, traditional, river gastronomy, Parmigiano-Reggiano and butchery, where the Spalla Cruda di Palasone Sissa stands out. The almost 40 km of paved and well-marked cycle paths allow you to discover the beauty of the landscape by pedaling. Near Po, there is the Regional Tourist Port of Torricella (the largest in the whole basin) which in addition to the docking and stopping service for boats also offers, from May 1 to July 30, the possibility of boat excursions on the Great River, which has now also become part of the “Mab UNESCO Biosphere Reserve”.

The navigation allows you to discover the unexpected and fascinating river landscape with its poplar groves, meanders, and floodplains that form a corollary to the naturalistic areas Parco Boschi Maria Luigia.

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