Condominium welfare: culture - inclusion - cohesion - public participation and new technology.
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Duration: 10 Hours
Best traveling: By foot
Location: indoor

ANACI, Parma office, organizes cognitive meetings open to citizens in order to broaden knowledge on social issues that can improve and make the quality of life more sustainable. On Saturday morning at the headquarters in via Farini n. 60 by reservation only and via Webinar, from 10:00 to 12:00, specialists and professionals will alternate to illustrate the various issues.

The credentials to access the various scheduled Webinars will be entered on the ANACI website.

The project intends to offer opportunities for meeting, socialization, and integration between condominiums, putting relationships at the center, and offering the opportunity to share experiences. The objectives set are those of developing paths/processes of closeness and support to the people who live in the condominium, especially the elderly, the disabled, foreigners, and young people (condominium welfare), in order to prevent possible situations of discomfort, exclusion, using human resources for common needs and creating innovative work figures to support everyday life. Our proposal is also to promote a new way of thinking about the building by enhancing Parma as a historic city which, while maintaining its traditions, is increasingly focused on innovation and change. The well-being of people who live in the city and who move to the city from different realities is not only guaranteed by the attention to innovation but also by the care and attention to welfare: here are cardioprotection condominiums, multifunctional gardens, "Baby and Grandparents Sitter ”of the condominium, ie all services designed to guarantee comfort to protect people's health, growth towards social inclusion with overcoming the Cultural Divide. It is a project made up of relationships between Association, Institution, and Citizens, where "relationships" are the real goal: to unite, create a network and closeness between people in difficulty to protect and preserve the well-being of the community, stemming situations of hardship and aiming to expand this experience to wider contexts.

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