L’Asia e le sue favole

Asia and its fairy tales at the Chinese and Ethnographic Art Museum, born from the great project "Fables of the 4 continents" produced by the Chinese Art Museum and the EMI publishing house.

The exhibition at the Chinese and Ethnographic Museum of Parma: from 13 November 2022 to 14 February 2023: "Asia". It was born from the great project "Favole dei 4 continenti" produced by the Museum of Viale San Martino and by the EMI publishing house. This work, through the publication of 4 volumes, aims to enhance the great work of collecting, transcribing and translating fairy tales of non-European peoples, carried out by the Xaverian Missionaries during their centenary work.

The fable is one of the oldest narrative traditions. It has always been a common thread between generations. Its transmission, far from its context of origin, makes use of the work of many travelers who in modern and contemporary times have imprinted those words, narrated or sung, on paper. They translated the texts from the indigenous languages into the official languages of the countries of origin and then back into Italian. Among those travelers are the Xaverians, a missionary congregation founded in Parma by San Guido Maria Conforti in 1895.