Let’s make knowledge: The University of Parma for Parma 2020

An entire year of events across the city for those who believe in culture, democracy and sustainability

Knowledge is the common thread of the programme developed by the University for the celebrations of Parma Italian Capital of Culture 2020.

Making, spreading and sharing knowledge are the three actions underlying the programme, resulting from the contribution of all the faculties and developed around four strategic themes: culture, democracy, innovation and sustainability. The aim is to open new scientific and cultural paths and boost community participation.

Five categories of events, from October 2019 to December 2020.

Aperitif Time for Learning: An ad hoc format imagined for Parma 2020, which offers the city more than 90 appointments in two places with a strong symbolic value, the Botanical Garden and ParmaUniverCity Info Point, in the underpass of the Roman Bridge. Dissemination seminars on different topics related within the research of the University of Parma and on the global goals of the Agenda ONU 20130, for sustainable development.

Current knowledge: It is the “congressional” part of the programme. Several scientific congresses, appointments of great international importance, with scholars and experts of recognised scientific level.

Knowledge in festival: A number of events in different fields, such as the Festival of Sustainable Development, the Pint of Science Festival, the Architecture Festival, the Children’s Health Festival, The European Researchers’ Night.

Knowledge on exhibition: From “Seeing the Invisible” to “the Church and the City”, from design to innovation culture, from the Farnese Family to microscopy, a number of exhibitions with also an international emphasis.

Days of knowledge: it is the most heterogeneous “container”: it includes lectures and lecture series with scholars and leading figures in the world of culture, higher education offers, creation of cultural tools in digital format, concert cycles and many different events.

For the full programme, with its over 250 activities, go to facciamoconoscenza.unipr.it