1 June 2022
Il Duomo e il Battistero di Parma

One day in Parma

What to see and do in Parma in one day
15 May 2022

Museums Dog friendly

Visiting Parma and in the province with our four-legged friends!
21 April 2021
Piazza Duomo, Parma. Ph. Lorenzo Moreni

GiraEmilia capitolo terzo

Con il racconto di Giacomo l'affascinante storia delle pietre e i fossili che caratterizzano i monumenti-simbolo del centro città.
21 April 2021
Castello Bardi

The haunted castles

Let's discover the legends and ghosts in the beautiful castles of the province of Parma.
13 April 2021
Vecchia America

Between vintage and modernity in Parma

Go shopping in the little shops and the curious markets of Parma.
27 January 2021
Street art - Segni Urbani 2018

Street Art in Parma: the places

Wlaking in Parma to discover the places of...Street Art.
12 January 2021

Parma is a woman

A total feminine journey to Parma
12 January 2021
Affresco Madoi Sesta

A small open-air museum

An unusual place on the Parma Apennines that wil surprise you
12 January 2021
Fiume Po

Storytelling of an atypical tour guide

A tour guide narrates the Parma Low land
26 November 2020

Talking teens. The statues talk

Il cellulare squilla e una voce che ti saluta dicendo: “Salve, sono Antonio Allegri, il Correggio...
16 November 2020

Parma instagram tour

Un viaggio tra le prelibatezze di Parma...
16 November 2020

The Parmesan cuisine in winter

Our ideas for a typical winter menu of Parma