Meli Lupi of Soragna

The Marquis Guido Lupi was the oldest lord of Soragna, where he built a castle in the locality of Motta, he held the podestial office in Parma in 1202, Reggio and Brescia.
In 1385 Lupi obtained permission from Gian Galeazzo Visconti to build the current Rocca di Soragna; sworn loyalty to the dukes of Milan, they can peacefully hold the marquisate of Soragna until 1514.
With the death of Diofebo I, the Lupi family dies out and the succession is opposed by many: Pope Leo X, Francis I of France and Charles V are involved in the dispute, and Soragna is even sacked. Only in 1530 Giampaolo I Meli, descendant of a historic Cremonese family and son of Giambattista and Caterina Lupi, was able to take possession of the feud, under the name Meli Lupi. Diofebo II, son of Giampaolo, fights in Flanders with Alessandro Farnese. Diofebo III took part in the major battles of Duke Odoardo Farnese, succeeded by Giampaolo IV, who obtained the title of prince of the Holy Roman Empire with the right to mint (1709), causing many conflicts with the Duchy of Parma.
Diofebo IV fights against the Turks in Hungary, Guido IV is the last feudal lord of Soragna, Diofebo V serves under the Savoy, Bonifazio is a municipal councilor and president of the heraldic council, another Bonifazio (1909-1983) is a generous benefactor and introduces new agricultural and breeding techniques.