Mi Impegno a Parma – the city’s volunteering website

The networking website for volunteering “Mi Impegno a Parma” is online: created by the Municipality of Parma, in partnership with CSV Emilia – Forum Solidarietà and the scientific coordination of Promo PA Foundation to promote civic commitment and active citizenship, the website has been designed to support the growth of the cooperation between those organising cultural and social events in the area, and those who wish to engage in volunteering activities, although not belonging to an association, just citizens of Parma, surrounding territories and not only! The path that underlies Mi Impegno a Parma aims to strengthen and support the spread of civic commitment and active citizenship, that are the substance and expression of collective responsibility.

By promoting the meeting and integration of the relations between volunteering and culture, the social sector, sports, the environment and in general with the composite energy of the territory as a whole, that has showed and closed itself around the idea of Capital, the project aims to be a real opportunity for aggregation and collective growth, well beyond 2021.

Not a side-project to that of Capital of Culture, but rather an essential part that makes it more complete: the promotion and growth of active citizenship in culture are in fact actions that are absolutely in line with the guiding concept of Parma 2020+21, which intends culture itself as the cornerstone of achieving social sustainability.

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