Museums Dog friendly

On vacation with your four-legged friends but you don't know in which museums you can enter with them? With this small guide you to can visit some places of art with your "fido"!

In general it is not allowed to enter in the churches and museums with our furry friends, but in Parma and in the province you can access the following places and, in general, it is requested keep your dog in your arms or on a leash or in the pet carrier:
- Diocesan Museum
- Baptistery
- Stuard Art Gallery
- Castle of the Puppets
- Glauco Lombardi Museum
- Ducal Park

In the province, dogs are welcome at the Magnani-Rocca Foundation, but only in the Park (on a leash); access is not allowed inside the rooms of the Villa-Museum and in those of the exhibitions.

For the visit of the Food Museums: in the Museums of Parmigiano, Pasta, Tomato, Wine, Salame and Ham it is possible to enter only with small dogs on a leash with a muzzle, large dogs cannot enter. At the Culatello Museum, since the visit includes the maturing rooms for the culatelli, for hygienic reasons it is not possible to visit the museum with dogs.

Animals are allowed inside the Labyrinth of Franco Maria Ricci as long as they are on a leash. In the art collections, only small pets and if carried in the arms or in the carrier can access.

At the Guatelli Museum access to dogs is allowed only if they are very small in the owner's arms. Due to the many objects on the sides of the path and on the floor, the animals unfortunately cannot pass alone.

Dogs are allowed in the following castles, in your arms or with a pet carrier: Sala Baganza, Compiano, Bardi, Colorno, Fontanellato, Soragna, San Secondo. For more information on how to access castles with your animals, you can consult the website of the Association of Castles of the Duchy