Open Calls

Parma 2020+21 Open Calls are four combined actions that are part of the Capital’s pilot project and intend to support and promote culture as a fundamental element for the development of society. Parma 2020+21 set itself the goal of contributing to consolidating the public-private cooperative system, with specific attention to the growth of cultural and creative enterprises. This also brings the need to work on the supply-demand relationship, through the widening and diversication of the offer. The four calls deal specifically with four different themes that, in the cultural sector, are essential for the real communication and spreading of cultural content in the different areas of individual and collective life of a community. With this principle in mind, the four paths were designed to redefine the concept of culture as a fundamental element in the development of society. All four calls aim to boost the rise of long-term policies, starting with their testing in 20+21, and include: training, participation, a funded call to collect ideas and projects, the implementation of those selected, progress monitoring and a final meeting to check results.
19 June 2020

Temporary Signs

The call Temporary Signs is promoted by the City of Parma in partnership with the..
19 June 2020

Culture for all, Culture of all

The call "Culture for all, culture of all", promoted by the City of Parma in partnership with the 'Institute...
19 June 2020

Creativity Driven Enterprises

Through this call for applications, the City of Parma and the Parma 2020...
19 June 2020

Creating Sustainability

Project promoted by the City of Parma in collaboration with Fondazione Parma...