Paola Borboni

Actress Paola Borboni spent most of her long career working for the theatre, playing side by side with famous actors such as Armando Falconi, Ruggero Ruggeri, A. De Sanctis and Emma Gramatica.
She also played in about forty films, showing a strong personality and boldly appearing with nude breast in Alga Marina.
Among her films, Ricchezza Senza Domani (1939), Giorno Di Nozze (1942), Non Canto Più (1943), Le Sorelle Materassi (1943), La Locandiera (1944), Roma Ore 11 (1952), Fellini’s I Vitelloni (1953), W. Wyler’s Roman holidays (1953), Lizzani’s L’Oro Di Roma (1961) and Ken Annakin’s Colpo Grosso Alla Napoletana (1967-68). Paola Borboni continued to perform on the stage until she was 95 years old.