Parma 2020+21 virtual exhibitions

The big exhibitions of Parma open their doors virtually on the website and on the App Parma 2020+21 for the Parma Card holders, through the initiative Cultura Aperta.
Despite the difficult period we're living since the beginning of this year, the engine of Parma Italian Capital of Culture 2020+21 didn't stop and, thanks to an avantgarde immersive technology, you'll be able to move around the prestigious halls of the cultural locations with some exceptional guides as Arturo Carlo Quintavalle, Leonardo Sangiorgi, Stefano Roffi, Vittorio Sgarbi, who will narrate the history and secrets of the works of art on display during the first year of Parma Italian Capital of Culture. Parma Card holders, in addition to enjoying, during the year 2021, all the advantages related to discounted access to places of culture, exclusive offers in partner shops and free public transport, will be able to access the Parma 2020+21 platform (website and app), the 360 ​​° immersive visits of the main exhibitions scheduled in the 2020 program. The first virtual exhibitions are already available in the Cultura aperta thematic section, but the list will be progressively updated until reaching over ten virtual exhibitions.

1. HOSPITALE – The future of memory
The biggest installation of Parma 2020, sprung out of Studio Azzurro’s imagination and narrated through the words of the curator Leonardo Sangiorgi. The virtual tour of the Old hospital actually allows to move around an installation that narrates the history of the Hospitale along a tour animated by new technologies, how the hospital was created from the water – its canals, mills, floods – to host patients, orphans, families in need, pilgrims passing by along the via Emilia and the via Francigena.

2. The last romantic. Luigi Magnani the lord of the Masterpieces mansion
Stefano Roffi, art critic and director of the Magnani Rocca Foundation, takes visitors to an exhibition tribute to Luigi Magnani, musicologist-collector who loved and strongly promoted the dialogue between painting, music, literature. The immersive visit will allow the discovery of a rich exhibition that examines the closest and most secret relationships of the art expressions, reflects on all the possible connections between them, taking art painting into another time and space. More than a hundred magnificent works show the passion of Magnani for painting, music, literature, through his interests and the great characters of all times, with whom he spent time or he loved.

3. Antelami, the work of man, the time of the Earth
The narration of art historian and art critic Arturo Carlo Quintavalle takes visitors to touch the statues of the Months and Seasons by Benedetto Antelami. A face to face conversation with two great maestros for a close up view and an understanding of the works of art that left their usual collocation up on the loggia of the Baptistery, in the year of Parma capital of Culture. The months and seasons cycle holds a powerful message through its symbolic-religious value and narrates of an age when man and environment, nature and culture were fully balanced.

4. Ligabue e Vitaloni - Giving voice to nature
An immersive journey into Ligabue’s poetry through a comparison between his paintings and Vitaloni’s sculptures, an exhibition that investigates the animal and instinctive part of the human being. Vittorio Sgarbi takes visitors along the majestic underground halls of Tarasconi palace to investigate the peculiar empathy towards the animal kingdom that Antonio Ligabue and Michele Vitaloni have in common and, while narrating its wonders, they examine the nature of men.

4. Fornasetti. Theatrum Mundi 

Simone Verde, Director of the Pilotta Monumental Complex and co-curator of the exhibition, together with Barnaba Fornasetti and Valeria Manzi, accompanies visitors in a path exhibition that brings together the classic forms of the Pilotta Complex with the contemporary design of Piero Fornasetti. References and suggestions give life to a true "theatre of the world", as it was intended in the sixteenth century. 

6. Design! Objects, processes, experiences - Through Time 

The archives of the CSAC - Centro Studi e Archivio della Comunicazione, guardians of an immense wealth of knowledge of the designers who defined the culture of Italian design in the twentieth century, will open to tell the central themes of design. The curator and Director of CSAC Francesca Zanella will virtually accompany the public through the exhibition section set up at the Abbey of Valserena, where drawings, prototypes and objects by well-known Italian designers are kept.