Discover the conventions and benefits linked to the Parma Card

The Parma Card gives right to multiple services, offered on the proclamation of Parma Capital of Culture 2020-2021 whose program will be extended to the entire year 2022.

The Parma Card is the key to access to the city and its integrated services, it allows to deepen in a complete and rewarding way every cultural aspect of the city and the province. It offers citizens and travellers the opportunity to get to know the places of the Parmesan tradition activating their senses and allowing you to enjoy the extraordinary gastronomic tradition of Parma and its territory. Finally, the Parma Card offers facilities to those who want to immerse themselves in the elegance of immerse yourself in the elegance of the shopping streets.

The varied cultural proposals offered by Parma and the whole province allows Parma Card holders to take advantage of discounts on admission tickets, gadgets, and catalogues of great value.

Below is the list of cultural proposals adhering to the Parma card: