Pietro Giordani

A scholar, patriot and man of culture, Pietro Giordani graduated in law and philosophy at the University of Parma in 1795.
A supporter of Napoleon, to whom he dedicated the Panegirico, he was the secretary of the Academy of Arts of Bologna from 1808 to 1815, and the author of the Panegirico a Canova.
In 1816 he was in Milan and collaborated with the Italian library. In 1819 he undertook, against the ferocious punitive customs of the Piacenza masters, the so-called cause of the boys, managing in the end to obtain the condemnation of the "plagosi horrible" Piacentines.
In 1830 he moved to Parma where he devoted to the moral and intellectual development of people, to civil and political progress, becoming honorary director of the local University.
In those years he also wrote a letter to Caterina Ferrucci in which he argued about the three fundamental tools of the intellect he recognized, taking up the Pestalozzian teaching, in drawing, calculation and language.