Remo Gaibazzi

Born in Stagno di Roccabianca in 1915, Remo Gaibazzi started to work as an illustrator for the local newspaper in 1948.
He soon left satire, concentrating on social and political issues mirrored in his neo-realist black and white works. Closely linked to his town, Gaibazzi always tried to express through art his own roots and cultural traditions, painting from 1935 and 1974 essentially a single major theme, his city.
In the 60’s, influenced by the American pop art, he started to use colours for the first time, painting big acrylics.
In 1996 a huge exhibition hosted in the Salone delle Scuderie was dedicated to Gaibazzi, a right tribute to the artist from a town he had loved and hated so much.