Socio-cultural Hubs

With the Pilot Project, the Hubs become the hardware for Parma 2020+21. They are designed as spaces to strengthen the ingenuity of the local entrepreneurship, optimizing and popularizing forms of coexistence and cultural sharing: a training ground for tradition, experimentation, innovation and creativity.

The Hubs are located in relevant places in the city. By focusing on identity and culture, research and innovation, work and opportunities, they are the infrastructure that can reduce social conflicts and increase local competitiveness, leading to the “inclusion of times”, which is the matrix of the city project.

Each Hub features a different topic and it is linked a point of excellence of the cultural offer proposed.

This vision is strongly rooted in the administration's Urban Agenda 2030 - The city of Ideas, a guide adopted by Parma as compass for its journey, a synthesis of the political-administrative guidelines and the inputs collected from the lengthy dialogue developed with the citizens, the entrepreneurs and the Voluntary sector. The objective of the Agenda is to consolidate the path undertaken by the City over the past five years with efforts and determination to emerge from economic and administrative difficulties.