The sponsorship plan for Parma Italian Capital of Culture 2020+21

The sponsorship plan was created to boost the broad and rich cultural programme conceived by local players for the year of Parma Italian Capital of Culture 2020+21.

Through the appointment as Italian Capital of Culture for 2020+21, the city of Parma has the opportunity to promote itself as one of the country's main tourist and cultural attraction centres to strengthen its natural vocation as a city of art, culture, food and good living. 

Parma 2020+21 has created a wide-ranging programme where the community, the wealth of the heritage and cultural production are firmly at the centre of the project.  Supporting Parma 2020 means contributing to the organisation and implementation of this Programme and allowing the city to attain a top-level offer.

Identifying with the Parma 2020 brand enhances the sponsoring businesses that will have a chance to tell their story, their professionalism, their experience and talk about the values to an international stage. In supporting Parma 2020, businesses have an important opportunity to establish a strong bond with local institutions and enhance their connection with the area. 

According to the degree of involvement desired, three different sponsorship levels have been set up:

- Official Partner

- Official Supplier 

- Events Sponsor 

Moreover, it is possible to support the Programme by making a donation to the Committee for Parma 2020.

For all these options, dedicated benefits and communication programmes have been established. 

For further information and to receive the Sponsorship Plan for Parma 2020+21, please write to