Temporary Signs

The open call Temporary Signs was promoted by the City of Parma, in partnership with the Italian Young Artists Association – GAI, and with the coollaboration of BJCEM, with the aim of strengthening the principles of dialogue between time and space, between art and life, connecting young artists with the city and its socio-cultural system.
Addressed to young artists under 35, the call is a project of environmental rewriting, intending to gather site-specifc projects that liven up suburban sites, the memory of which has been or is being lost, or “new” sites that can become landmarks for the community, or places that have been forgotten and can once again become desired, not only to leave a mark, but rather to think about time in a different way, to build, starting from what’s already there, new relational spaces bringing inclusion, participation and regeneration.
The call closed on January 17th, 2020, with 27 projects submitted, amongst which the 6 winning ones have been selected. These will receive a money prize, ranging between 6.000 and 23.000 euros depending on the project, that will allow the winning artists to carry out their work during a residency in Parma.
Here are the winning projects, announced on Friday 31st July 2020:
1° - Alessandro Tricarico, Rizoma Association “De d’la da l’acqua – Gente d’Oltretorrente”
2° - Giacomo Gerboni, “Le migliori intenzioni”
3° - Giordano Magnani, Studio Tonnato collective, “Resteranno le fiamme”
4° - Francesca Giannini, Informal Group FDA&FG, “Parma qua e là”
5° - Beatrice Ciacchella, Domani, Fiume collective, “Transumanza”
6° - Chinyanga Munotida, BJCEM Network, “What’s on your mind?”
The projects will be implemented and placed on site during 2021, within the programme of Parma Italian Capital of Culture.