Week of Italian Cuisine in the World

At the Laboratory from 14 to 20 November the seventh edition of the Week of Italian Cuisine in the world
San Paolo complex with the scent of Parmesan, meatballs, cocoa, chilli pepper and other spices and panettone

The Italian table with Artusi. Pellegrino Artusi is an ambassador of Italian food and wine excellence. Casa Artusi is a partner of the Week of Italian cuisine in the world with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation promotes Italian gastronomic culture with Artusi and its values ​​that have reached every latitude of the world.

17 NOVEMBER at 18.00 - Show Cooking Room - P.le della Pace 1
An informative seminar with tasting and cultural insights linked to Artusi and Italian excellence.
Pellegrino Artusi's 'Science in the kitchen' at the table for an aperitif that celebrates the excellence of Italian good taste. The Forlimpopoli gastronome places great interest in the quality of the raw materials, simplicity in the kitchen and conviviality at the table at the center of his work, all values ​​that we want
An evening made up of words and cooking gestures that express our being Italian, well represented by the author who recounted the diversity of our national heritage. We start with meatballs n.314 with rustic sauce n.104, to then taste risotto n.75 and finally dessert Roma n.648, all recipes taken from the Artusian manual embellished with Italian PDO and PGI products and cultural pills from experts of history and language of food that will accompany the tasting

18 NOVEMBER from 11.00 at the Open Laboratory of the San Paolo Complex
Training meetings for Erasmus students in collaboration with the regional PDO and PGI consortia in order to educate and raise awareness of Italian supply chains and counter the Italian Sounding, bringing the new Italian and foreign generations closer to Italian culture.
Always choose the finest stuff for the raw material that will make you look good, with these words Pellegrino Artusi opens the door to a gastronomic sensibility that goes beyond the mere execution of recipes but educates Italian families to pay attention to the quality of the products, the origin of the same and their valorisation in the kitchen.
In this meeting aimed at the Erasmus students of the city of Parma, Casa Artusi wants to create an exchange of knowledge with the PDO #madeinER Consortia for moments of in-depth study and tasting useful for recognizing and appreciating the authentic Italian product, wary of imitations
Fighting the Italian sounding, one of the main objectives of the Week of Italian cuisine in the world, does not only mean protecting marketing but respecting and recognizing the effort and work of those who produce what we bring to our tables every day
The Consortium of Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, Parma Ham DOP and Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP will be present and will provide European students with useful advice to enrich their experiential baggage and bring a piece of Italy with them

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The kitchen is a universe in which the traditions that are consolidated do not have the time to remain firm and linked to a place and a people for long. In fact, it tends to be tamed, familiarized, and therefore transfigured according to circumstances and events. This series of events sets itself the task of calling into question interpreters of various kinds, levels and professionalism who will have the task of narrating their own cultural mix.

13 November, at 6.30pm
At the table with the Oriundi
With the participation of Guilherme Balista we will discover how Italian cuisine has entered the memory, the heart and therefore the Brazilian gastronomic culture

16 November, at 19.00
The round table, the meal at the centre, the hands as tools
Italian cuisine in Eritrea (with Africa 2 – “La mia Africa a Parma” and Bianca Maria Bellei) to create an Eritrean interpretation of pasta with tomato sauce

18 November, at 19.00
The Cuisines of the World in Italy
Multicultural evening

20 November, at 6.30pm
But how good is the Peruvian Panettone?!
with the advice of the Academy of Masters of Mother Yeast and Italian Panettone

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