Design! Objects, processes, experiences - Through Time SUSPENDUE

Mercredi 10 Mars - 15:00
Expositions - à péage
Palazzo Pigorini - Parme
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Localisation: Indoor
Utile pour Pour tout le monde.
Une production de: CSAC – Centro Studi e Archivio della Comunicazione dell’Università di Parma
Créé par: Francesca Zanella
En partenariat avec: Comune di Parma, GIA – Gruppo Imprese Artigiane Parma Centro Studi Poltronova per il Design Archivio Alessandro Mendini

The exhibition Design! Objects, processes, experiences opens on Saturday 7 November in Parma, in two different locations, the Valserena Abbey and Pigorini palace, an event created by Francesca Zanella, produced by CSAC – Centro Studi e Archivio della Comunicazione of the Parma University and the support of Comune di Parma, in the year of Parma Italian Capital of Culture 2020+21 with GIA – Gruppo Imprese Artigiane Parma.

The first section of the exhibition, at the Valserena Abbey, features the projects of Italian designers as Archizoom Associati, Mario Bellini, Cini Boeri, Achille, and Piergiacomo Castiglioni, Enzo Mari, Alessandro Mendini, Roberto Menghi, Bruno Munari, Alberto Rosselli, Roberto Sambonet, Ettore Sottsass. The exhibition is organized in three keywords: object, functional and symbolic dimension of the project but at the same time a mean to represent cultures; process, intended as a moment of auto reflection, of analysis, and definition of the project in a context of innovation, social involvement, and prefiguration of the future, but also as an interpretation of industry and production processes by; experience, that means design as a discipline-oriented to the study and interactions between people and between people with objects or environments.

The second section at Pigorini palace, entitled Bodies, and processes, co-curated by Valentina Rossi, presents, through the same keywords, the outcomes of the first phase of the project "Storie di fili", by CSAC in partner with Sistema Museale dell’ Università di Parma, Equipage Srl Maglificio Nuova Ester, Parmamoda Srl, Cooperativa Eidè, Fondazione Museo Glauco Lombardi and sponsored by Fondazione Cariparma. Three new dresses/sculptures by the artist Sissi, created through a confronting process with the heritage of CSAC (in particular with the figurines by Cinzia Ruggeri, Krizia, and Brunetta, on display in this exhibition) and created by the local factories, will dialogue with the costumes created by Sartoria Farani, also housed at CSAC, giving birth to a reflection about the body, outfit, and its creative and tailoring process.


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