Walking about all things: guided tour from the bottom of the river Vezzeno to the top of the tower, about history, nature and passion.

De Dimanche 30 Mai 2021 à Dimanche 30 Mai 2021

Prochaine ouverture: Jeudi 1 Janvier - 1:00
Expositions - à péage
- Province de Parme
Architecture Nature
Toutes les dates:
Localisation: Outdoor
Utile pour Pour tout le monde.
Une production de: Castelli del Ducato

Ambassador of the territory: Gianfranco Gibelli, landlord of the Castle. 

A chat about everything, not a guided tour but an exploration as to be family friends. With the Gibelli family, owners of the Castle.

Reservation is mandatory, book it at info@castellidelducato.it. Entrance fees at www.castellidelducato.it
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