Barezzi Festival
Liste Musical
Durée: 10 Heures
Praticabilité recommandée: En vélo, En voiture, À pied
Localisation: indoor

Italian music thrives again.
Brunori Sas + La Toscanini NEXT, Andrea Laszlo De Simone, Massimo Volume, Pop X, Colapesce e Dimartino, Margherita Vicario, Colombre, Ettore Giuradei, Fadi, Valentina Polinori, Guido Maria Grillo, William Manera.

The Italian music thrives again from Barezzi Festival. Music made of openness and experimentations, sharing and contaminations, opportunities of expression. It will be a totally Italian edition this year, starting at the Regio theatre next 12 November for three days of performances with real treasures of the National artistic scene.

New talents but also greatest artists as Colombre, Pop X, Colapesce and Dimartino, William Manera, Ettore Giuradei, Guido Maria Grillo, Valentina Polinori, Fadi, Margherita Vicario, Massimo Volume. Exclusive gems for this festivl will also be Brunori Sas, presenting his last album, Cip!, with La Toscanini NEXT and the concert of Andrea Laszlo De Simone to wrap up the festival.

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