Il Rumore del Lutto 14th edition - TRUTH
Liste Culturel
Durée: 100 Heures
Praticabilité recommandée: En vélo, En moto, En voiture, À pied
Localisation: indoor
TRUTH - Festival Il Rumore del Lutto 14th edition 2020

Festival Il Rumore del Lutto 14 th edition. Events in different locations. The first festival in Italy and Europe dedicated to the theme of mourning and death education. An event created by Maria Angela Gelati and Marco Pipitone. From October 17 to November 7, 2020. Truth is the theme of the 14th edition of Il Rumore del Lutto, a cultural project of reflection and research about mourning that will take place in Parma, in different locations.

Created in 2007 from a cultural project by Maria Angela Gelati, thanatologist, educator and journalist, and Marco Pipitone, dj, music critic, and photographer, promoted by the association Segnali di Vita, with the support of the Municipality of Parma, the University of Parma and the Master Death Studies and the End of Life of the Padova University, the festival presents a rich program with about 100 guests and 48 events that include music, architecture, art, theatre, literature and cinema, psychology and medicine, for an audience of adults and kids, almost all the events are free. 


This special edition of Il Rumore del Lutto was conceived and created, guaranteeing maximum compliance with the rules to protect the health of artists, speakers, and the public.

At the entrance to the conference and show venues, there are thermoscanners for detecting body temperature and hand sanitizing gel dispensers. Spectators are invited to come to events wearing a mask, avoiding gatherings, and always respecting the interpersonal distance of at least one meter.

The mask must be worn correctly, covering the mouth and nose, for the entire duration of the event, as well as during access to events and during the outflow from meeting places. At the end of the meeting, it is advisable, before getting up and leaving the seat, to wait for the signal from the room staff, to avoid crowds, following the path indicated for the exit.

Reservation is mandatory for all the appointments where it is scheduled and must be made at the addresses indicated in the event program. At the time of booking, the spectator must also provide their contact details (telephone or email). The reservation is personal but may be transferred to third parties exclusively, upon notice of the change in the header at the ticket office, under penalty of inability to access the event.

The Staff, upon entry, is obliged to verify the correspondence of the spectator's name with the booking header; the public is therefore invited to arrive well in advance of the starting time and with a valid identification document.

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